Our Partners

Collaboration and communication are key ingredients for building successful products. Our partners, ranging from startups to major corporations, can testify to our commitment to maintaining open channels of communication throughout the product lifecycle.

Case Studies

Ready Responders


Ready Responders has assembled a network of part-time, on-demand EMTs and healthcare providers to expedite the delivery of care. Together, we have built a platform that manages and dispatches the providers via a mobile app, helping to reduce first response times for acute incidents while providing alternative options for care where ambulatory services are unnecessary. The platform is slated to launch in New Orleans in mid-2018.

Ruby on Rails, Angular v4, Cordova, AWS, ImageTrend EMR, Google Maps

Jobs Ohio


The State of Ohio Department of Liquor Control(DOLC), as part of their Liquor Modernization Project, created a centralized API for better sales reporting and inventory management across the state. The DOLC selected us as their POS partner to develop the Clover POS integration that was rolled out to over 200 Clover merchants across the state.

Ruby on Rails, Angular, Cordova



Pryze has created the first sweepstakes automation protocol built on the Ethereum blockchain. The Infuse and Pryze teams have worked closely to build the underlying technology for the platform, including mobile apps, online widgets, and administrative tools, that provide great value to sweepstakes creators and their target audience alike.

Ruby on Rails, Angular v2, Cordova, AWS, Ethereum Blockchain, Truffle Framework